SLA: Vowin utilizes advanced Stereolithography (SLA) technologies and materials to offer high-quality parts rapidly. Our Master Model Makers optimize the finishing of your parts with accuracy and precision. A wide-range of materials are available including ABS-like, clear, flexible, moisture resistant, and high temperatur SLS:capabilities offer a variety of durable material options.

SLS is the technology of choice for Rapid Prototypes to be used in functional applications. SLS material options include nylon, glass-filled nylon, wax, and metals. SLA equipment uses 3D data to build models layer by layer, solidifying photosensitive epoxy resin with a high power UV laser. Various resins are now available depending on the end use so that prototype models can be stipulated as rigid, flexible (ABS / PP) or clear. The process is capable of creating highly complex parts quickly and accurately. These parts can then be finished as required, to provide visually pleasing components that can be used for fit, form and function testing. Alternatively,

The SLA model can be used as a master for silicon rubber or hard resin tooling.

The SLS process also builds in layers from 3D data, by using a hot laser to sinter nylon powder The truly functional nature of the SLS prototype enables product validation testing and product certification. The choice of either glass filled or un-filled material can cater for a range of production requirements, such as high structural strength, working clip features, temperature and chemical resistance.

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