Job Specification:

Project: aluminum CNC machining
Processes: CNC machining, Inspect size,Sandblasting,, Anodizing, Assembly
Material: Aluminium 6061,5052,6063,7075
Lead Time: 6 days

CNC Machined Parts

We used CNC machining of Aluminum to create the shape of the individual component. When the parts come off the CNC machine we use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove any machine-marks from the part. And then inspect the sizes according to drawings that provide from customer.

Sandblasting the Aluminum Parts

Once the machine marks are removed, we can start sand-blasting the parts, giving them a coarse surface. Sandblasting can be done in different grits which ultimately dictates how fine or coarse the surface will feel.


Lastly took the sand-blasted parts to anodized. Anodizing provides two advantages: It provides corrosion resistance but also adds color to the parts. Anodized metal parts look absolutely fantastic – especially in sunlight. Also we can provide anodize many kinds of colors.

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